Crypto Genius Review A Great Boost in Crypto Trading

Trading cryptos online are currently gaining attention throughout the business world, and the simple reason is how well you can earn money even with just a few simple clicks of a button. Crypto trading also can yield a decent amount of profit with proper decisions and experience. But for new aspiring traders, the technical part of crypto trading can be a little bit tedious.

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For this reason, people who want to try trading with cryptos might want to use a reliable trading bot. Finding a trading bot is pretty easy but looking for a more efficient one is another thing. However, there are good tons of trading bots that are available in the market and most people might have a hard time looking for the trading they might want to use.

There are certain factors to consider in picking for your trading bot. Success rate, cost and security for your investments are the most important things to think about but there are also things like extra features and support for their users.

You might also find that most of these trading bots, if not all, are basically the same software. Meaning that this software does have similar features and functions. Most are also just decent when it comes to profitability.

We have tested several other trading bots available and there is this one particular software that really picked our interest. This software is the Crypto Genius. Although this software is relatively new in the market, the Crypto Genius gaining more and more attention not only to new traders but also from those that can be called veterans of the industry. We really got curious about why this trading bot has been gaining traction, so we tested the Crypto Genius ourselves. Here is what we find out.

What is the Crypto Genius?

The Crypto Genius is a trading software that claims to have an accuracy rate of 89%. Honestly, in most cases, this level of accuracy seems too far-fetched. But the results of our test shows that it has the potential to reach such high levels of accuracy. There are also other Crypto Genius reviews that have almost the same result as ours. We also found out that the software is made by real traders and that the program is integrated with real-life trading strategies and perfectly infused it with crypto trading. We also found out that somehow the Crypto Genius can foresee future changes in the market prices of crypto assets in a rough amount of 0.001 sec. For a human, this length of time is barely noticeable but for a computer program that can process information much faster, this is a big thing. In simple terms, the Crypto Genius can use this margin of time to quickly decide on the most profitable way that it sees. It will sell or buy assets in accordance with the future movement of market prices. That is how it is able to achieve such accuracy.

How Does the Crypto Genius Work?

Like we said earlier, the Crypto Engine software design is infused with real-life trading strategies. This trading bot is able to simulate mostly all trading strategies like holding, scalping, swing trading and day/night trading respectively. It also has a self-learning AI that is able to use past and current data of market prices and changes and use this information to decide on its next action. The complex algorithm and design of the Crypto Genius enable it to process such amounts of information, ensuring that 8 out of 10 trades that it conducts to be successful and profitable.

Who Can Use the Crypto Genius?

The Crypto Genius is favored by veteran traders, for the simple reason that all of their tested and trading strategies that were implemented in the past can be easily used in this software. But the Crypto Genius can also be perfect for beginners who want to start trading with cryptos without further complications. The software design and user interface are neat and easy to navigate. There is also a basic user guide available if you want to know more about the software even further.

What are the Main Advantages of Using Crypto Genius?

There are a number of features that make the Crypto Genius to be a current hot pick among the trading community. After we conducted our trade test, we listed these features and here is what we found out.

  • High Levels of Accuracy

Seemingly the single most important feature of a trading bot is accuracy. Basically, you might want to earn a large amount of profits with the trading bot that you are currently using. The Crypto Genius has just enough accuracy to ensure steady profits in a long term trading scheme. The Crypto Genius possesses up to 89% accuracy rate depending on how long that you are using it. The simple reason behind this is that it can use the past market data to analyze and conduct trades efficiently and accurately. This is possible only because of the self-learning AI that it was designed with. There are claims from other traders that state that they have earned at least over $6000 a week with a starting capital of $250. There are also testimonials of other long term users on their website that says they have earned up to $30,000 already but this is maybe because they are investing a high amount of money already. But all in all, the Crypto Genius is one trading bot that is not lacking in profitability and can be a great investment if you want to pursue crypto trading.

  • Security for its Users

As an investor, you might also want to secure your money. Trading with cryptos is purely internet-based and we already know that the internet is a very risky place when it comes to things that involve money and finance. Theft, hacking and scams are scattered all over the web and new traders can be a viable target for these malicious parties. The Crypto Genius creators however have knowledge of these potential dangers so they also emphasize greatly in the security of not only the funds of their users but also their information and anonymity. The Crypto Genius website is safeguarded with a lot of security features. Their website is using SSL technology to create an unbreakable barrier that is insusceptible to third party breaching, reducing the potential case of hacking. They also use data encryption in all of their transactions to ensure that there is no one that can trace any transfer of funds either from the user to the software or vice versa. And lastly, they all require verifications in any transaction just to ensure that they are dealing with the right person. Not only the Crypto Genius ensures you of possible profits but also the peace of mind that your hard-earned money is always safe and sound in your portfolio.

  • Trade Different Cryptos

In the crypto trading world, more platforms to trade with means more possibility of income. A good trader is able to trade and switch between different cryptos with ease. This principle also applies to trading bots. A good trading bot is something that can seamlessly switch between different trading platforms and search a broader area to locate and engage profitable trades. The Crypto Genius is well-known for this capability. You can use the Crypto Genius to trade with popular cryptos like Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ripple and Ethereum. You can also use this trading bot to switch to even the less popular ones like Zcash, Bitcoin Cash and Stellar Lumen. This ability to trade and switch with a variety of trading platforms can be exploited to greatly increase the possible income. You can also use this feature to always stay safe on all of your trades. For example, if a price on one platform seems to be not as advantageous to you as before, you can just change to another platform and continuously look for a good trade. And added with the fast processing power of the Crypto Genius software, this can open up for almost unlimited opportunities for the user.

  • Manual and Fully Automated Trading

Talking about trading strategies, there are types that involve continuously trading throughout the day or even weeks and months endlessly to maximize profit. There is a trading strategy that is called night trading. Night trading involves exploiting the fact that most traders are mostly active during the day. This means that the market is very light at night and competitors are much less in this period of the day. But as a human, you might also want to take a rest once in a while. This is where the Auto-Trading feature of the Crypto Genius can be fully utilized. With this Auto-Trade feature, you can set your parameters beforehand and leave the software trading all by itself while you are taking a good night sleep. You can also use this to let the Crypto Genius automatically analyze all the possible profitable trades available in the market while you are away from home. But some people also want a more hands-on approach when it comes to trading their money. Luckily with the Crypto Genius you can easily switch from Auto-Trade to fully Manual Trading. However, manual trading may require a hectic amount of time and market calculations but as you progress in trading, these complex analysis will all be trivial matters because of experience and self-improvement.

  • Relatively Cheap Transaction Fees

If you are just a new trader, you might have less funds in hand to start with. Typically, crypto trading takes a lot of investment. Aside from the actual money to be traded, you might also want to lend some amount just for the trading bot that you will have to use. Some trading bots can cost a trader up to $1000 per month in subscription fee alone and there is also the thing about transaction fees. However, the Crypto Genius provides a good starter set-up for those that have a limited fund to trade with. The Crypto Genius actually has no subscription fee as of now. This may be because it is relatively new to the market and wants to draw more traders to use it. In the future maybe it will require a subscription fee to its users but we don’t have any information on that matter yet but as of today you might want to take advantage of the fact that it is free to use. The only charge that it has for now is its transaction fees that we might say is very cheap. Other trading bots may charge you up to 10% of your income while the Crypto Genius only charges 1% of your earnings and that money is used to maintain the software and their website. Another good thing is that it doesn’t really have any fee when you want to withdraw all the money in your portfolio.

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  • Quick and Easy Withdrawals

Trading bots like other types of financial accounts do need to have an amount that needs to be left in your portfolio. It is a minimum amount that you cannot withdraw no matter what. Most trading software also has a very long processing period when it comes to the withdrawal of your money. The Crypto Genius, on the other hand, allows its user to withdraw any amount that they want, even the initial fund of $250. The Crypto Genius also has a very fast processing period of about just a week. There is a verification process before you can successfully withdraw your money but that is all included in the 1 week period. The Crypto Genius can act as a quick money bank if you must say, allowing you to take your money whenever you want when you need it the most.

  • Trusted Already By the Community

Although relatively new when compared to more popular bots in the market, the Crypto Genius already gathered enough traction to traders across the globe. Their community of users all came from different continents. Their website actually has many testimonials of their users that claim that the Crypto Genius is one of the main key for their success. We also found several other crypto trading review sites that claim the same results as ours. These reviewers also talked about the high level of accuracy that this trading bot has, and that they are also using this to trade with cryptos. Some even claim to earn almost $7000 per week, but this may be because of the fact that they already invested a higher amount than the initial capital of $250. The Crypto Genius also has rumors of being featured in Forbes and CNN but as of today, we have yet to find an article and check if this is a fact. You might also stumble across some Crypto Genius fraud reviews but we found out that those are some underhanded marketing strategies from their competitors that try to tarnish the brand of this trading bot.

Can You Trade Right Away Using the Crypto Genius?

Trading with the Crypto Genius is very easy. All you need to do is create an account on their website and follow the instructions. We also listed the proper order of things in order to create an account and start trading with the Crypto Genius.

1. Filling Information

The first step is to go to their website and fill in information in the form on the right side of the page. THey will require your name, mobile number and email address in this process. You will also need to provide a password so we strictly advise you to create a strong one for added security.

The Crypto Genius log in page

2. Deposit Initial Investment

Next is you have to deposit an initial amount of $250. A broker will contact you and will require you to give the needed information to process the deposit successfully. Don’t worry, we also have gone through this process while testing their trading bot and it will only take about an hour to complete the verification and bank transfer process. As you are waiting you can proceed to the next step which is for us, another key feature of the Crypto Genius.

3. Demo Trading

This feature, which is available only on some trading bot is one of the most intelligent additions to any trading bot service ever. This Demo Trading feature allows you to try and test the software itself without the risk of losing money in any other way. Although it is just a trade test as we might say, all of the information and data shown in the Demo Trading window are all real-time and is the current status of the market in different crypto exchange platforms. This feature allows you to fully immerse yourself in crypto trading and get yourself accustomed to the software.

4. Live Trading

The Crypto Genius trading window

After notifying you that your deposit is successful, you can now trade with the Crypto Genius for real. Do take note however that unlike the Demo Trading, the Live Trading window now has the risk involved in trading cryptos. You might lose some money here if you do all the calculations and analysis wrong so we heavily suggest that the Crypto Genius be left alone in Auto-Trade mode. The default parameters of the Crypto Genius are set in a way that it can still yield some profit slowly over time even when it is left alone. But if you already have some experience in using trading bots then it is your call.

Is Crypto Genius Fraud?

If we will base our answer to the results of our testing and research, the Crypto Genius is more likely to be LEGIT. Every feature of the Crypto Genius greatly solidifies the claims that other users already claim. There are also other testimonials to fully back these reports. In our case, we already tried the software and most of our results are close to the values and data that other reviews got in their own tests respectively. Although you might say that we can also be affiliated to the Crypto Genius ourselves but if you are still skeptical about our review then we suggest you to try the software itself. There is a Demo Trading that you can always try if you want to make your own research.


Are there risks involved in trading with Crypto Genius?

  • Trading with cryptos, in general, is a very risky business, the same with trading bots. The Crypto Genius is not 100% accurate and there are times when you could lose some trades.

Can you use the Crypto Genius in mobile devices?

  • The Crypto Genius has no available mobile app yet but they might develop one in the future given that this was greatly requested by the majority of its users.

How much is the average profit that you can make with the Crypto Genius?

  • The possible earnings that you can make with the Crypto Genius greatly varies depending on the amount that you will invest. But there are people that are already earning up to $30,000 a month making it an average of $1000 per day.
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